Our mission green-shape63x60

Physicians Pharmacy Alliance, Inc. (“PPA”) is an integrated pharmacy management organization focused on complex patient populations who have high potential for poor outcomes and increased hospitalizations due to challenges in medication management. PPA works directly with Providers and Payors to identify and manage high risk patients using an integrated and collaborative approach. And our customers benefit. Patients enjoy better health and our Providers and Payor achieve higher HEDIS and STAR scoring as a result of our process.

Company History orange-shape63x60


Physicians Pharmacy Alliance was founded in 2002 with a mission to improve the access of medications and support the complex patients in the adherence of those medications. With a focus on Medicaid and low income patients, PPA developed systems and tools specifically designed to support this complex population.  As the industry changed, we changed with it. We now provide programs to support Managed Medicaid and ACO plans and service patients in North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky, Maryland and the District of Columbia.


Our Unique Approachblue-shape63x60

PPA provides hands-on patient care that hinges on collaboration across payors, providers and caseworkers to simplify complex regimens, identify gaps in care, provide at-home interventions, monitor adherence and report therapeutic outcomes. We also empower patients with the adherence tools and support they need to better manage their health.

Our proven methods of collaboration and personalized support reduce hospital readmissions and deliver significant improvements in adherence, outcomes and cost savings for the high-risk patient population we serve.

Shared visibility is the foundation of our collaborative approach. PPA’s web-based collaboration portal, AlliancePoint, ensures transparency across all members of the care team by integrating data from multiple physicians, hospital visits and caseworker interactions. Everyone has a shared reality—not just shared records—of the patient’s healthcare, enabling us to quickly identify discrepancies in care and remove medication redundancies.

AlliancePoint’s rigorous data capture and analysis capabilities provide validated outcomes from interventions, medication changes and regimen adherence that will assist you with reporting and measurement requirements.