Our process helps to bridge coordination of care and improves patient outcomes


90unique-TEALPhysicians Pharmacy Alliance, Inc is an integrated pharmacy management company. We work with Case Management to achieve dramatic improvements in adherence and team up to help reduce ED and hospital admissions.

We know you have heavy case loads and it is difficult to track down all the providers and pharmacies a patient is using. We use a collaborative approach that teams up the providers with clinical pharmacists to develop the ideal regimen and we work with the patient to keep them on the regimen. Unlike most Medication Management companies, we not only identify the issues with therapy, we deliver real-time interventions to ensure maximum impact.

This frees up time for you to spend more time with the patients and providing the support they need.

Our unique approach includes a visiting the patient in the home, close collaboration with your team, the patient’s providers and we provide compassionate outreach to the patient to build trust and increasingly better results.In addition to our unique set of tools we provide our patients and providers, we enable case managers to stay up to date on patient care through our innovative portal, AlliancePoint.org.

is a collaborative, web-based portal that provides you unprecedented visibility of the patient medication regimen and the interactions between case management, pharmacy services and providers by displaying:
  • Full real-time medication regimen
  • Patient prescription history
  • Monitoring and alerts of therapy thresholds
  • Adherence monitoring metrics
  • Specific reporting data to support HEDIS, STAR and NCQA measurements